Markum Reed, Associate Professor of Data Analytics School of Business, Henderson State University

Markum Reed holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. He currently has the position of Associate Professor of Data Analytics in the School of Business at Henderson State University and Research Faculty for the Institute for Chief Data Officers.  Previously, Dr. Reed was an Associate Professor at Southeast University School of Economics and Management.  Dr. Reed currently enjoys hosting a YouTube channel called Data Science for Everyone (DS4E), an education and consultation company dedicated to spreading data literacy.

Markum Reed,  博士、亨德森州立大学商学院副教授,首席数据官研究所研究员。2014年获得南伊利诺伊大学卡本代尔分校经济学博士。此前,Dr. Reed 曾任东南大学(中国,南京)经济管理学院副教授。业余时间,Dr. Reed主持名为 Data Science for Everyone (DS4E) 的 YouTube 频道,这是一家致力于帮助大家提升数据素养的教育和咨询公司。