Session 9-1

ESG and the CDO: Creating a Path to Value


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Effectively meeting the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) imperative is more critical than ever. And yet, a majority of Chief Data Officers (CDOs) are struggling to understand their role as it relates to ESG and how they can strategically focus their capabilities around where their business can have the largest tangible impact.

This event will explore meaningful steps CDOs can take to navigate the data and advance towards ESG priorities. How are corporate leaders thinking about ESG from a data perspective? What are the biggest challenges and opportunities? How do CDOs navigate through the data to find what’s necessary to make lasting change?

ESG planning will require navigating the ever-changing data regulations, and citizen expectations in the form of ‘right to forget’ laws that are up for discussion, both in the US and across the globe. These laws will require CDOs to balance how analytics, data ownership, and other important attributes of enterprise data are arbitrated between competing priorities.

For instance, all enterprise services are heading the direction of ever-more personalization to the customer. When the same customer exercises their right to be forgotten, how should the organization respond? Is it as simple as turning off the personalization for that individual? As simple as that might sound, our digital future will look to better solutions, and enterprises will have to be ready to onboard agile changes in regulations, operating models, etc.

A similar overlap exists when it comes to ESG interaction with Responsible AI. The need for developing frameworks for handling data, models, data privacy, data obfuscation, etc. are all going to affect your ESG initiatives. Early adopter organizations are already altering their delivery, service, and product development models to align better with the needs of this data and analytics rich future. Many of these early adopters are leveraging their newer digital processes to experiment with ESG initiatives and starting to see fruitful results.

During this talk, we will cover a lot of these essentials that are making progress in the CDO world and how the collaboration between the CDO and other executives within the institution are bearing the fruits of the digital labor.


Bob Parr

US Advisory Chief Data Officer, KPMG


Sreekar Krishna

US National Leader for Artificial Intelligence, KPMG


Martin Kaestner

US Data Analytics and AI Lead, KPMG