Session 6-7

Managing Risk to Drive Organizational Value Through the Use of Data

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A common question in many board rooms and executive offices is “so what” when it comes to information provided to them – so what we know all our risks? So what we know how we’re responding? In asking “So what?”, board members, CEOs, and other executives are really asking, “How does this help my company achieve its strategic objectives? How does this help us perform better against our competitors or serve our citizens?” For many organizations, the link between risk management and data has not been fully realized, so there is a gap in the value risk management can offer to an organization.

During this session, we will explore how data can elevate risk management in an organization, translating the identification and prioritization of risks into real results that materially impact the success of an organization. Set against the backdrop of real-life examples from a combined four decades of risk management experience across multiple industries, we will address:

By the end of this session, attendees will:

Using data to get real with risk management is not about enhancing risk reporting – creating the latest dashboards or using artificial intelligence to scrub the internet for reputational sentiment; it is about discovering the true value-add of strategic, financial, and operational activities across an organization and whether those activities are advancing the organization towards its mission, vision, and strategic objectives.


Dennis chesley

Partner Financial Services, Guidehouse

Don Heckman

Director – Cybersecurity, Guidehouse

Kate sylvis

Director Enterprise Risk Management Leader, Guidehouse