Session 6-3B

How automated data governance transforms data into enterprise assets

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Today’s enterprises need broader access to data for a wider array of use cases to derive more value from data and get to business insight faster. However, it is critical that companies also ensure the proper controls are in place to safeguard data privacy and comply with regulatory requirements. What does this look like? What are best practices to create a modern, scalable data infrastructure, whether on multi-cloud or in hybrid environments, that can support this business challenge?

Join Zaloni’s CEO, Susan Cook, as she shares a successful use case for Zaloni’s Data Governance Platform, Arena. Hear about TMX Group’s, the leading financial services and stock exchange company based in Canada, data governance journey as they explored ways to organize and manage their cloud data for various analytics use cases. TMX selected Arena because it provided the capabilities needed to quickly and effectively build their enterprise data lake on AWS through a single unified platform. Join this session to learn:



CEO, Zaloni