Session 6-3B

Accelerating time to value with automated data governance

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Data Governance is a critical component to ensuring a company is compliant with privacy laws and regulations while providing their data citizens with secure self-service access to trusted data. Often, data governance processes are not automated, creating a challenge for data environments to scale as data increases.

Zaloni’s Director of Product Management, Scott Magoon, explores the best practices along with his firsthand experience on how companies can begin to automate governance at scale through modern technologies and machine learning. Scott dives into the importance of a data platform as it offers the technologies and tools necessary to establish machine learning automation for all data governance processes. With governance automated, organizations can improve efficiency, reduce costs and provide secure self-service access to trusted, clean data that drives data-driven decisions and accelerates analytics, ML, and AI initiatives.

During this session you will learn:



Director of Product Management, Zaloni