Session 6-1B

Building a secure foundation for cloud data governance with CDMC

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The potential to drive business value and business insight from your cloud data is greater than ever before. While the cloud presents an opportunity to develop new products and drive revenue, it also exposes companies to more risk, especially around sensitive data. As data governance professionals, it is our responsibility to make data accurate, managed,
accessible, and secure. Companies must protect sensitive data, honor privacy rights, comply with regulations, and manage data risk. The EDM Council, composed of all the major Cloud Service providers and several leading enterprise organizations, developed the CDMC (Cloud Data Management Capabilities) framework to help organizations tackle these
challenges. The CDMC framework lays out best practice capabilities for any organization migrating to or adopting cloud services. This presentation will explore these best practices for transitioning to the cloud and offer tips on how to leverage this new framework. Here’s
what you’ll learn:
● Best practices for governing sensitive data in the cloud
● 14 Key CDMC Controls to Consider when adopting multi cloud
● How to migrate data stores to the cloud while mitigating risks
● How Securiti can help organizations implement CDMC best practices



Sr Director of Data Governance Products, Securiti