Session 5-7

Data Protection, Threat and Regulatory trends Influencing AI practices

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Join this session and participate in an active discussion as the presenters review recent cyber security, data protection and  regulatory developments related to the use of AI and algorithmic decision-making.  Federal and state policymakers have expressed concern about fairness, unintended bias/discrimination against protected classes, lack of transparency/explainability and privacy, and these concerns are driving new regulations.  Compounding this, in January 2022 the White House Memorandum introduced inbound guidance upon which the SEC and FTC will expand to address the cyber supply chain concerns that directly impact the code upon which AI capabilities are built.

We are on the cusp of seeing the worlds of data protection, cyber defense and regulation further converge creating new opportunities for CDO and CXO leaders to adjust risk, response and litigation plan strategies.


beth-anne bygum

SVP, Chief Security & Compliance Officer, Acxiom, LLC.


Sr. Director, Deputy Chief Security Officer, Acxiom, LLC.