Session 5-6

Data Mesh or Data Mess?

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The data mesh concept is being touted as the next big thing in analytics data management. But is it just a rehash of distributed data access, data virtualization or data-as-a-service architectures, the data fabric, or the logical data warehouse concept? Or is there some there there? Is it really a new concept or just marketing lingo? Is the data mesh as-defined comprehensible, implementable, scalable, practical, adaptable? And how does it handle the critical tenets of data warehousing, i.e., subject-orientation, non-volatility, historicity, and time-variance? And what about dimensionality or handling slowly-changing-dimensions? Ultimately, is the data mesh a recipe for an architectural data mess?

Join our panel of data mensches to hash out the data mesh.


moderator: douglas laney

Data & Analytics Strategy Innovation Fellow, West Monroe

panelist: colleen tartow

Director of Engineering, Starburst

panelist: sebastian klapdor

EVP & CDO, Vista