Session 5-4

The Future of Analytics and BI

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Forrester defines modern BI as “Impactful via insights-driven actions; based on augmented (infused with AI) capabilities; unifying all decisions, analytics, data sources, and data types; personalized for all user personas; based on adaptive, future-fit technology; and pervasive — scaled across the enterprise and embedded in all digital workspaces or systems of work.”

In my presentation, I will cover the key aspects of Modern BI: actionable insights, integration with AI and other advanced data technologies, personalization, and, most importantly, wider use of BI and Analytics systems.

While we have access to massive volumes of cloud data in data lakes and warehouses, the analytics penetration has not increased over the last ten years. We also have to increase the trust in data, and this will require integration with data catalogs, governance, and other metadata systems.

Scaling real-time analytics to every worker, every device, and every decision is the key challenge for analytics in the future. The solution to the scaling challenge is to use a multi-experience approach to analytics. Our users need to be able to use natural language, visual analytics, chatbots, data discovery tools, BI notebooks, low-code/no-code environments, and other ways to consume analytics. The era of “one dashboard fits all” is over.



CEO, GoodData