Session 4-7

Building Innovation Platforms and Ecosystems: Launching Powerley

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The business world is rapidly digitizing, breaking down industry barriers and creating new opportunities while destroying long-successful business models. Chaired by Professor Lynda Applegate, Baker Foundation Professor at Harvard Business School, this session brings together senior executives from one of the oldest electric utilities – Detroit based DTE Energy, which dates back to 1849 – and DTE’s digital innovation partners, Vectorform and Powerley, to discuss how they are building a digital innovation platform and ecosystem to address the global climate change crisis.  Professor Applegate will lead a live case discussion with DTE Energy VP and CIO, Steve Ambrose, Vectorform CEO and Co-Founder, Jason Vazzano; and Powerley CEO, Manoj Kumar, as they discuss the vision and leadership, the approach used and the opportunities and challenges encountered as they transformed an “iron age” energy company into a “digital age” software platform innovator.  The session will be highly interactive with the audience and will provide deeper insights into building innovation platforms and ecosystems to transform traditional industries.


moderator: prof. lynda applegate

Professor, Harvard Business School

panelist: manoj kumar

Founding CEO, Powerley

panelist: Jason vazzano

CEO and Co-Founder, Vectorform