Session 4-6

Finding the Needle in the Data Haystack

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Companies are struggling to leverage data as a strategic enabler to drive insights. Despite years of investments many companies have failed to realize value from data. Complicating matters is the shifting approaches to Data Enablement and the plethora of Data tools currently available. They are constantly bombarded by the latest Data buzzwords, as we strive to makes sense of Data, such as Data Lakes, Data Lake Houses, Data Mesh, Data Governance 2.0, Data Ops, Data Catalogue. With the constantly evolving landscape and approaches it is no surprise that companies have a difficult time wrapping their heads and hands around their Data. To solve this problem, I will discuss how practitioners leverage knowledge graphs to quickly find the right information, at the right time. We will explore ontologies and how it can be used in conjunction with artificial intelligence disciplines to facilitate the process of finding the proverbial needle in the Data haystack.


michael davis