Session 4-4

The Path to More Trusted Data

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Data use at scale creates unique challenges for teams tasked with utilizing and protecting data. If left unchecked, siloed data practices erode trust in the business, its processes, and stakeholders. Highly publicized data breaches, unethical applications of data making headlines, and added requirements from big tech are driving the explosive growth rate of privacy enhancing technology. Security and data governance teams benefit from the growth in this domain by embedding context captured through compliance programs throughout the data lifecycle. In combination, these disciplines are creating a shift toward unified data intelligence programs that embed compliance requirements, controls, and principles into both the culture of and technology used by the business at large. In this session, you’ll learn how your business can leverage technology to begin this shift by: – Providing insights at scale through the application of regulatory intelligence and machine-learning to classify data and support data policy management – Demonstrating transparency with individuals and facilitating and respecting their choice in how their data can be used – Enabling the intelligent use of data by allowing data citizens to easily locate and access trusted data sets and provide additional context.


Ryan Edge

Director of Strategy, Privacy & Data Governance, OneTrust