Session 4-2

Crafting a Powerhouse Partnership for Success Between the CXO and CDO

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In this panel session, we will explore the foundations of a successful partnership between the CDO and CXO through the experiences and examples from some very successful CDOs. We refer to this as a “powerhouse partnership”.
In this inaugural session will discuss the key partnership areas for CXO/CDO success. We will be reviewing and discussing this new framework and how you may be able to leverage this within your organization and your CXO.

By joining this session, you can be a part of a peer group to help improve upon this framework through your own experiences, for the benefit of all. The intent in this framework is to increase the speed of business success derived from a data-derived and data-driven strategy.

Our panel of CDOs will share their knowledge of how they partner with their CXO to deliver GREAT data-driven results and identify the challenges, via the framework, they have overcome to operationalize their partnership and drive success.
This framework is NOT an academic exercise, but one designed to deliver tangible outcomes for the CDO and your organization.


derek strauss

Founder, CEO and Principal Consultant


TOM Henry

Chief Data and Deputy Chief Information Officer, Schnuck Markets, Inc.

Tony Cyriac

Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Charles Schwab

Hamid Benbrahim

Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Verumex

dan meers

Finance Data Officer, TIAA