Session 3-6

Maximizing Return: Automating Contract Pricing Data Into Business Intelligence

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Contracts govern every dollar which goes in and out of an organization. They define how strategies are executed between business partners. They are the single source of truth and hold vast amounts of data that is valuable far beyond the initial signatures. Is your organization extracting the full value of the business data and insights within your contracts? By automating labor-intensive contract processes,

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) boosts organizational productivity and provides insights into financial and compliance performance to empower informed decisions and to drive business insights. AI-powered contract lifecycle management provides contract intelligence at scale to diverse business units and downstream enterprise systems. This enables the data in contracts to propagate to enterprise systems–such as pricing and compliance management systems.

For example, the power to extract pricing data from executed contracts into an analytics tool or Master Data Management (MDM) data lake, allows for a full lifecycle view. It can provide the CFO and finance organizations more visibility into key pricing decisions, such as your customer share-of-wallet for sell-side and volume mix ratios for buy-side. This can establish pricing and financial data as part of your business case earlier and can enable a more comprehensive and robust ROI and more transformational CLM.

Learn from real-world examples where PwC and Icertis have helped companies extract their contract data and maximized returns based on the data.


Sathya Srinivasan

Director, PwC

George Painumkal

Senior Director of Product Management – Strategic Initiatives, PwC Icertis Product Alliance