Session 3-2

Adopting Data Mesh: Lessons learned and critical success factors

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Does your organization aspire to have a data-driven culture? Are you in the middle of a cloud migration?

Today, most global executives believe that a good data strategy is essential for business success as highlighted by an HBR study. The study also points out that new risks and data management complexities brought on by business transformation are making securing and governing data more difficult. At the same time, the realities are changing— more users from different functions are using data (the issue of business context), data is exchanged with partner organizations (the need for governance), and data is moving to the cloud (old relational structures do not hold). There is also the issue of harnessing use cases to align with the business vision.

In this session, Thoughtworks, a leader in the data space, and Gilead, an early Data Mesh adopter, will examine how Data Mesh is helping organizations along their journey to become more data-driven.

Gilead has a strong experimentation culture, established people practices and innovative technology thought leadership, but like many enterprises they faced numerous challenges adopting the data mesh approach to deliver data-driven value at scale. We’ll share Gilead’s journey to date, including their data management landscape and how data mesh is enabling a data-driven culture.

Thoughtworks will also review lessons learned, best practices, and critical success factors from their experience implementing data mesh across industries, such as European investment bank,Saxo Bank, who has adopted the Data mesh concept. We’ll  end with a framework for CDOs to navigate the business landscape.



Murali vridhachalam

Head of Enterprise Data and Analytics, Gilead Sciences

divya joshi

Head of Partnerships & Client Director, Thoughtworks