Session 3-1

What Data and AI High Performers Are Doing Differently? The Research Might Surprise You

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Companies of all sizes must grasp a truism that has redefined the digital landscape: Cloud is the enabler; data is the driver; and A.I. is the differentiator. In new research, Accenture identified characteristics of leading organizations who are defining what it means to “differentiate” with data and A.I. They are already achieving 1.5x the revenue growth vs. their peers and they’re ramping up AI investments over the next three years – with their sights on 360-degree value. In this session, we’ll dive into this research and our MIT CDOIQ study, on what ‘high performers’ are doing right and offer concrete recommendations for how businesses across industries can raise their data and AI maturity for real value recognition.


Sanjeev Vohra

Global Lead, Accenture Applied Intelligence