Session 18-4

Top 10 Life Sciences company delivered value in months with a Modern Data Platform

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The Life Sciences industry is a high-risk venture, with the average time for drug approval being 10 years, approximately $2 billion in investment with less than a 10% success rate. Within this setting, a Top 10 US-based Life Sciences corporation had the vision to build a converged data lake on the Cloud, encompassing its substantial clinical trial, drug, medical and genome data.

The Top 10 Life Sciences company implemented Cloudera CDP and Modak Nabu™ to create a next-generation modern data platform that enables data convergence across their R&D organization. Ramsey International was chosen to design and implement the strategic technology platform and drive the development of the business use cases.

The time to value was measured in the 12 weeks to profile 200+ data sources and ingest 76TB data and the ability for the R&D team to design, develop and deploy 70+ use cases, 8 new data products and a 4x reduction in time to create new data products.

With the combination of scalable, robust, and secure Data Lake, Data Fabric, and Data Mesh architectures put into place, the Top 10 Life Sciences company has over 60 use cases in production, regularly accessed by 5k users.

By building a common language to search and explore for research scientists and creating a process and culture for agile delivery of curated data domain products, the Top 10 Life Science customer is reaping the following tangible benefits:

  1. Increased business value from sharing historical clinical trial data and reducing the time for new drug discoveries.
  2. Lower business decision latency due to rapid access to information and knowledge discovery.


Baz khuti

President, Modak USA

mayank mehra

Product Manager, Modak