Session 18-1

Transforming the ESG Imperative from Data Obstacle to Opportunity

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In today’s global economy, ESG means opportunity.

U.S. public companies are facing increasing pressure from investors, employees, institutions and clients to demonstrate their concern for planet, people, and policies. This pressure creates the need to standardize environmental, societal, and governance (ESG) initiatives – and associated reporting.  Nowhere is this more evident than with the SEC’s recently proposed rule to disclose climate change impacts, starting with Greenhouse Gasses (GHG). The policy puts a magnifying glass on the data supply chain, demanding new data sources from within and external to the enterprise, all of which depend on a new operating model.

This example is only the beginning.  In the coming years, companies will need to mature data and analytic capability with respect to ESG – to survive.

In this session, Data Engineering and Analytics Partner, Penny Wand, and Energy & Utility Practice Director, Estelle Mangeney, will provide insights on the rapidly evolving ESG landscape and its importance to data executives. They will share five key steps for CDOs to align stakeholders, prioritize actions, and leverage the strength of the enterprise to move from data obstacle to corporate opportunity.


penny wand

West Monroe Partners, Technology Partner

Estelle Mangeney

West Monroe Partners, Director, Energy & Utilities Practice