Session 18-1

Enabling, Supporting, and Growing Your Organization’s ESG Initiative

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Over the next two years, the majority of organizations will formalize environmental, societal, and governance (ESG) initiatives to underscore and document their corporate concern for the planet, people, and policies. The responsibility for sourcing, integrating, managing, and analyzing all the data necessary to produce these reports will fall squarely upon the shoulders of data and analytics leaders and their departments. Moreover, as ESG standards still are in the formative stages, CDOs and the like will find themselves enmeshed in decisions and planning to determine the portfolio of metrics that will be generated. As these initiatives will consume time and resources beyond the usual data management, technology, and analytics activities, CDOs will have to anticipate and plan accordingly. In this session, West Monroe’s data engineering and analytics senior partner, Penny Wand, will discuss how data & analytics executives and their teams should prepare to participate in ESG planning and enablement activities, including: What is range of ESG requirements and related work products, such as sustainability bonds How to apply a maturity model to determine ESG reporting readiness What new and adapted skills will be required How ESG requirements can positively impact other data & analytics activities and priorities, instead of being a drain upon them What are ESG trends and emerging standards to keep an eye on


penny wand

Senior Partner, Data Engineering & Analytics, West Monroe Partners


Senior Principal, West Monroe