Session 17-7

Drive to Survive: Building Data Intelligence Inside the Modern Hedge Fund

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In this presentation, I’d like to share parts of my three year journey in creating a centralized data organization, from scratch, within one of the world’s largest hedge funds. From a team of 3 to a data organization of over 85, my story is one I hope any new CDO or Data Manager can learn from. What were the easy decisions when we started? What are the architecture and technologies we leverage? What does data monetization look really look like? What were our mistakes along the way? Does anyone really use AI? These are the questions I’d like to answer and in doing so I hope to dispel a lot of common misconceptions about what being successful in data really means. As part of the presentation I’d love to show some of the actual tools we’ve build — data catalogs, golden copy data services, etc. — which I believe are increasingly tablestakes for any modern CDO.



Chief Data Officer, Balyasny Asset Management