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Building A Single Customer View Spanning 30+ Companies at Intercorp

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Intercorp is one of the largest corporate holdings in Peru, with 30+ companies operating in sectors such as retail, banking, insurance, healthcare, education and entertainment. At the beginning of 2019, we embarked on the ambitious task of building a single customer view of our customers, something that had been tried twice before the constitution of the Data Office, and twice it failed, due to both human (political) and technical (lack of a good data governance framework) problems. We would like to share how we imagined, developed and deployed the INCA (INtercorp Customer Analytics) Platform, home of the cross-company single customer view for the whole group, which currently hosts more than 1.2 billion transactions and 1.3 billion web events linked to more than 20.3 million clients, out of a total population of 33 million. Although we leverage cutting-edge technical skills to have this platform up and running, we don’t consider ourselves a tech-team, but a business team, focusing on driving value both to our companies and our customers. The first step was transforming all this data into customer attributes. We now have more than 3,877 customer attributes in production, 200 more under development and other 1,397 in backlog. After including some of this attributes in several analytical models critical to the credit approval process, we have seen an improvement of up to 40% in key statistical metrics, driving several dozen million dollars in financial interest and giving access to credit to hundreds of thousands of Peruvian families that were outside the reach of the traditional banking system. Following we summarize some key features of the INCA Platform that are already in production:



Chief Data Officer, Intercorp


Customer Intelligence Manager, Intercorp Data Office