Session 16-5

CDO as Strategic Leader for Transforming Organizations with Innovative Data & Analytics Execution


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The fast and radical change of our current digital world with emerging technologies such as quantum computing & value driven data science enabled practices demands for CDO leadership and ownership with the organizations. The challenge of man machine interfaces driving AI and ML augmented algorithms to be executed by quantum computing, will be the next disrupt. Current CDO strategies, leadership and innovation for business transformation yielding business value, need to be extended to assist CDOs towards this massive challenge. Integrated quality data transformation with appropriate automated  tools, interoperable data quality platforms, real time analytics and actionable decision making is essential for winning in this digital world.


moderator: dr. salomon de jager

CEO & President, PiLog Group

panelist: dr. imad syed

CEO – Middle East & India | Group CIO

panelist: wynand nortje

CTO, PiLog Group