Session 16-3

Data Revolution in a Digital-First World: Trustworthy, Secure, Intelligent

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CDOs are caught in a perfect storm of change in managing enterprise data. Pressure to exploit new opportunities presented by moving data to the public cloud is combining with the emergence of a range of new technologies for collecting, organizing, processing, and analyzing a broad range of types of data. In addition, the real-time dimension of data handling presented by the rapid growth of streaming data technologies is compounding the complexity of decision-making regarding the choice of technologies and approaches to their implementation. All this must be done in a manner that ensures that the data are trustworthy, secure, coherent, and well understood. Three IDC analysts will address these issues. Each panelist will offer a brief 15-minute overview of the issues from the perspective of that panelist’s research specialty. Then the panelists will discuss how their perspectives intersect and overlap, and this will be followed by questions from the attendees.


stewart bond

Research Director, Data Integration and Intelligence Software, IDC


Research Vice President Database Technologies, IDC


Research Manager Streaming Data Technologies and Approaches, IDC