Session 15-5

Achieving Data Excellence in a Federated Organization

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Since 2019, DB Regio Bus, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn (largest railway company of Germany), has been executing a strategy to optimize its data management with a strong focus on digitization and automation in a very decentralized organization. With around 9,000 employees and 12,000 buses, DB Regio Bus is currently the largest public bus transportation company in Germany, generating an enormous amount of data every day. In this presentation, Marcus Gilg, Head of ICT at DB Regio Bus, will provide insights about the data strategy at DB Regio Bus and his experiences related to its execution. Moreover, he will address how data excellence can be achieved in a very decentralized organization and why it is not necessarily a bad idea to drive data management from IT-side.



Head of ICT, DB Regio Bus (Deutsche Bahn)


Senior IT Architect, DB Regio Bus

Christian Fürber

Founder and CEO, Information Quality Institute GmbH