Session 14-6

What CDOs Should Know About Quantum Computing (PART I)

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Compelling Rationale: There are intractable problems using classical computers, such as from cyber security factorization of large prime numbers, weather and climate modeling, AI/ML for logistics, routing optimization, and real time stock option margin call reconciliation. Advancements in Quantum Computing (QC) is already transitioning from a research topic to a technology that unlocks large increases in computational capabilities.  Controllable quantum behavior in scalable systems is advancing QC into the early phase of “quantum supremacy”. QC is evolving into an integral part of applications across a broad spectrum of business and policy fields. The most QC users do not need an advanced degree in quantum mechanics.

Scope of Session: This session is designed to inform CDOs of quantum computers without advanced mathematics, especially for CDOs coping with decision about AI and ML. This session will introduce IBM’s Quantum Computers, and show examples how quantum computations can support classical AI computations for near real-time and large-scale applications. Goals are to instill easy to understand answers of “how QC work? and how can I apply QCs to address CDO’s intractable problems?”.  The session will compose the following presentations:

Outcomes: CDOs will gain insights into what, when and how business insights can be effectively gleaned from established QC algorithms using tools taught by IBM Qiskit practitioners. Ideally this may help CDOs connect QC capabilities that could support decision-makers timely and actionable that their organization never had before. Future outcome desired is CDOs’ awareness on needs to build a QC workforce.





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