Session 14-4

The Power of Gender Diversity in AI - Building a New Pipeline of Future Leaders

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In addition to driving data led transformations within their organizations and for a broad set of clients, Emily White, Nike’s VP of Enterprise Data & Analytics and Lan Guan, Senior Managing Director at Accenture are also leading initiatives to transform the professional landscape for all women, including those in the data and AI space. In recent years, it has become increasingly acknowledged that gender diversity is an essential element of organizational success in terms of growth, stability and innovation. Moreover, it’s important for women at all levels of the organization to have access to and awareness of the support systems and tools they need to thrive professionally and personally. This includes mentorship and guidance from senior leaders; as well as a culture of comradery and equality with peers where advancement is available to all. During this interactive discussion, Lan and Emily will speak to their experiences ‘growing up’ in the data and AI space, what levers have they pulled to create support systems where none existed, how have they broken barriers for their own progression as well as others following in their path and what personal experiences have been formative in getting them to this senior level of leadership.

Lan and Emily will share personal stories and learnings from their career development and would like to invite the audience to join in to share and learn from one another.



VP of Enterprise Data & Analytics, Nike


Senior Managing Director, Accenture