Session 14-1

Innovation at Scale – Driving Innovation within the Department of Defense Acquisition Community

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In large commercial organizations, digital transformation is a must to gain competitive edge and deliver value to its customers.  Similarly, it is an imperative for the Department of Defense Acquisition Enterprise to inject innovative practices and techniques into every facet of business operations — policies, processes, and workforce — in order to maintain competitive advantage over our adversaries.  This panel will highlight the recent establishment of the Acquisition Innovation Research Center (AIRC) and discuss the efforts underway with academia to explore innovative opportunities in technology, data management, and artificial intelligence to improve acquisition outcomes to our warfighters and the myriad of policy and practice challenges facing the Department as it seeks to modernize acquisition efforts to support the National Defense Strategy.


moderator: mark krzysko

Principal Deputy Director, Acquisition Data and Analytics, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Acquisition (ASD(A))

panelist: phil anton

Chief Scientist, Acquisition Innovation Research Center, Stevens Institute of Technology

panelist: laura freeman

Director, Hume Center for National Security and Technology’s Intelligent Systems Lab, Virginia Tech

panelist: michael conlin

Chief Technology Officer, Definitive Logic