Session 13-7

Building Blocks for a Modern Data Platform and Case Study

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Why do we need a Modern Data Platform?

Traditional data platforms focused on very narrow data sets, primarily structured data, to provide information and business intelligence. This is not ideal in today’s world. We are at a technological and organizational paradigm shift from traditional data management tools that feed data warehouses and data marts with pre-defined data schemas and tables to provide business users with information on events that have already occurred.

A Modern Data Platform (MDP) from a technology perspective enables organizations to automate the ingestion, curation, and consumption of disparate data sources (internal, external, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured) that continuously feed knowledge and insights.

What is a Modern Data Platform (MDP)?

An MDP is a fundamentally different approach, architecture, and culture to the way data is and has been managed in the past.   Modern Data Platforms must provide an automated data infrastructure that continuously fuels algorithms that learn and evolve as more data is fed into them.

What are the key principles of a Modern Data Platform?

The principles listed below are based on learnings and experience from two of the largest life science customers in the world operating modern data platforms in production today.


milInd chitgupakar

Co-Founder & Chief Analytics Officer, Modak


Product Manager, Modak