Session 13-4B

Mining Relationships with Innovation Systems

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Executives responsible for network defense and service delivery often speak a different language than cyber analysts. Yet, both groups must maintain an up-to-date view of systems under attack. Associating system and entity data helps bridge this gap.

System relationship analytics is a derivative of Qlik’s unique and powerful associate engine. This solution uses in-memory processing to answer questions at the speed of thought. This translates into a unified visual representation of cyber attacker activity, victim details, and third party risk through cloud service provider dependencies.
For executives, this solution is designed for rapid response to threats, strategic communications with stakeholders, and resource allocation across impacted projects. It is built for what if analysis and data science through an AutoML recommendations framework.

For cyber analysts, this solution supports rapid response to new vulnerabilities by uncovering hidden relationships between business entities and industry sectors. Qlik’s analytics engine associates data in memory from all available structured and semi-structured sources to generate and display these relationships for easy visual navigation.

This solution does not replace existing cyber solutions but brings forward a new level of holistic, in-depth decision support by linking executive and analyst groups in a common frame of reference using market-leading data analytics.


MArk J. Fedeli

Federal Alliance Director, Qlik