Session 13-1A

Key Tenets of the Chief Data Office before, during and after a Significant Company Acquisition

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LSEG is a worldwide leader in financial markets and infrastructure, and a data provider trusted by our customers, and global markets.  Our products and services are critical to the successful operations of the markets and of the businesses of our customers.  The company continues to grow inorganically through acquisitions of companies that support and complement LSEG’s mission of financial stability, empowerment of economies and company sustainable growth.

In 2021, through the corporate acquisition of Refinitiv, LSEG grew from a 5,500-person company to one that exceeds 25,000 employees.  As an industry leading data provider, Refinitiv helped to enhance LSEG’s global position for customers across the world.  While two organizations became one through integration, the activities, and efforts across all the functions were vigorous and continue to be LSEG’s focus.

The discussion will illustrate how the Chief Data Office function has pivoted to continuously support the management and quality of data at every opportunity to enable LSEG, its brand and future growth.  What worked and what didn’t work?  What behaviours did the CDO function influence to enable and progress the data journey?

There will be an opening for questions, answers, and open dialogue to further discuss the LSEG Data program.



Head, Enterprise Data Governance, LSEG