Session 12-5

Data-powered Business Value at Scale With The Data Lakehouse

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Every company is on a journey to become data and AI-driven — securely democratizing data, making smarter and faster decisions, innovating with AI, and building new data products and services. However, that is easier said than done, as only 13% of organizations deliver on their data strategy. Many organizations dive straight into complex problems with low ROI or technology decisions without having a clear business and data strategy supported with executive buy-in. They also fail to address critical institutional challenges like data culture and data literacy, which can often become the biggest blockers to success. What if you took your long-term business objectives and enabled people, processes, and platforms to deliver on those objectives? Join Databricks to learn: – Top considerations for CDOs to enable data and AI at scale – How the data lakehouse empowers CDOs with a modern cloud data architecture to build data and AI-driven organizations – How to get early wins and deliver business value


chris d’agostino

Global Field CTO, Databricks