Session 10-5

Data-led Transformation: Connecting Everything to Create Anything

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The targets of transformation are many, but they all start the same way: with data. Data delivers insights about where to focus your transformation for the most value, supports better decision making through the transformation process and delivers insights that help businesses continually improve how they work, how they serve customers and how they differentiate through new products and services.

Many organizations have “grown up” in a siloed operating model where data was fragmented, underutilized and hard to govern. These data lineage issues can be difficult to untangle as you migrate to the cloud. Companies serious about using data and AI for growth need to begin taking steps to modernize their data foundation so their people can unlock the immense value that remains trapped in the rich data across their enterprise. In this fireside chat, Sanjeev Vohra, Global Lead for Accenture Applied Intelligence, sits down with Francesco Tinto (Global CIO, Walgreens Boots Alliance) to share their lessons learned on the journey to unlocking true value across the enterprise with data and AI.


Francesco Tinto

Global CIO, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Sanjeev Vohra

Global Lead, Accenture Applied Intelligence