Day 2 Keynote

Shaping Strategy Through Trustworthy Data Sharing & Analytics

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CDOs are driving the adoption of enterprise-wide governance and the utilization of information as an asset, as well as the organization’s data sharing & analytics strategy. This ensures the highest levels of accountability in driving meaningful impact through data sharing & analytics that are safe, useful, and timely. However, managing large data programs can at times limit what methods and technologies are adopted to create trustworthy data sharing & analytics. Emerging technologies for preserving privacy often lack the efficiency and scalability that are expected by the enterprise. What can we learn from organizations that are successfully driving the adoption of trustworthy data sharing & analytics?  How do privacy regimes and regulators align with the realities of the modern and future enterprise?

Successful organizations working with sensitive data need to recognize:

Join author Luk Arbuckle of Privacy Analytics, one of the world’s leading data transformation companies, as he discusses the future of regulation and best practice in the safe and responsible use of sensitive data with Stephen Bonner, Executive Director of Regulatory Futures and Innovation at the Information Commissioner’s Office, and Stephen Bamford, Head of Clinical Data Standards & Transparency at Janssen Research & Development.


MODERATOR: Luk Arbuckle

Chief Methodologist, Privacy Analytics


Head of Clinical Data Standards & Transparency, Janssen Research & Development

panelist: STEPHEN Bonner

Executive Director, Regulatory Futures and Innovation, Information Commissioner’s Office