Xiaoying Wu, Janssen R&D Data Science

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Xiaoying Wu, Vice President, Janssen R&D Data Science

Xiaoying has more than 20 years of diverse experiences in medical sciences, data science, medical informatics, and information technology. Her recent accomplishments include established Janssen R&D Data Science ecosystem, Med.ai, that integrates diverse data from preclinical, clinical and real world; deliver innovative data science solutions to accelerate drug research and development at scale. Previously, she led the Data Sciences Pharma Commercial Technology team, established an enterprise Real World Data and Analytical platform, rHEALTH, enabled JnJ as strategic leader demonstrating Real World value for our products. In addition, she led the team delivering innovative solutions supporting GCSO and Janssen Commercial organization, including early disease identification, predictive HCP targeting, augment payer/provider strategy, as well as patient data anonymization and re-identification risk assessment. She played a crucial role in molecular profiling, advance analytics/visualization supporting TAs, including identification of prediction markers for patient stratification, developing and implementing computational framework for identify PD markers and genomic signatures for understanding molecular basis of disease and drug MOA as well as establishing a strategic technological foundation for Real World Data providing transparency and governance, advanced analytics capabilities and services to enable innovation, efficiencies, and rapid data-driven decision-making. She is the author of over 30 peer-reviewed scientific publications. She received her M.D. from XiangYa School of Medicine, M.S. degrees in Computer Sciences and Biostatistics from Drexel University and University of Pennsylvania respectively.

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