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Jordan Collins, Data Privacy Solutions Business Leader, Privacy Analytics

Jordan Collins engages with Privacy Analytics’ clients across many industry verticals. He helps them derive the greatest utility and business value from their data while making the grade for privacy protection and regulatory compliance.

In recent years, Privacy Analytics has found itself increasingly sought out by clients outside of healthcare. They have questions about how they can use their data while meeting privacy standards.

It’s these complex questions about the ethical use of data in different contexts that drives Jordan’s passion for his work. Through his advisory services practice, Jordan applies his broad experience in data collection and management, inferential and descriptive statistical analyses, and interpretation.

While his efforts are driven by data, it’s the client relationship that matters most given the intensity and scope of the projects that he tackles. Jordan is often on call with clients around the clock.  Quite often, the project at hand involves a novel situation or a question that has never been asked before.

For example, one client found themselves at risk of violating California’s new Consumer Privacy Act for retaining sensitive data considered useful for analytical purposes. Jordan helped the client team to set up their own in-house De-Identification Center of Excellence. This included staff training, creating standard operating procedures and implementing governance mechanisms. Jordan left the client team with everything they needed to conduct their own documented and auditable anonymization processes. Data utility was preserved while ensuring compliance with the Act.

In another case, Jordan worked with a company that operates an AI-powered consumer intelligence platform that helps its clients better understand how website visitors behave. The company wanted a third-party validation to confirm that its aggregated datasets were sufficiently anonymized to protect individuals. Jordan and his team assessed the robustness of the company’s platform against privacy attacks, found no inherent major privacy issues, and provided a highly-detailed report to assist with staff training and future product development. This safeguarded the company’s reputation and supported its business growth.

“I know the privacy side, the client knows their internal processes and how data flows through their system,” says Jordan. “Only by marrying the two can we build a data handling framework that will meet their needs and preserve privacy.”

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