Gustavo Yupanqui, Intercorp Data Office

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Gustavo Yupanqui has over 21 years of data management and high-tech experience mainly focused on aspects of data management including Data Governance, Business Intelligence, Data driven decisions and Data Architecture in banking, telecom, retail, consulting, insurance, direct sales and education industries across Latam.

Today, Gustavo is the Customer Intelligence Manager at Intercorp, a Peruvian holding operating in different industries where he is responsible for creating business value from the acquisition and generation of attributes and insights through the use of the group’s single customer view and the creation of digital products.

Prior to that, Gustavo worked as a data leader in Bluetab, Equifax, Banco de Crédito del Perú, Scotiabank, Yanbal International and Laureate International Universities.

Gustavo holds an MBA with a specialty in business strategy and politics and an MSc. in Enterprise Management at Tecnológico de Monterrey de México. He is a Systems Engineer with specialty in data & analytics, marketing, risk banking, software development, business/sales strategy and business process management.

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