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Dr. Michael P. Haydock, IBM Fellow, VP & Chief Scientist – Data & Technology Transformation, IBM Consulting

Michael Haydock currently serves as an IBM Fellow & Chief Scientist in IBM’s Data & Technology Transformation Practice specializing in the areas of Machine Learning and Numerical Optimization to serve Customer Contact Strategies and Supply Chain Intelligence of IBM clients.

Michael’s role within the practice is to develop innovative application capabilities which leverage high performance computing technologies appropriate for massive data manipulation and advanced numerical analysis in business settings where time to critical decision provides clients with a key competitive advantage. Michael’s research interests have focused on the application of mathematical optimization, machine learning and business cognitive computing solutions to complex market risk and marketing management problems. Michael has worked with industrial clients in retail direct mail, retail store, food and beverage, agricultural chemicals, financial services, insurance, health care, telecommunications, aerospace, and transportation. Recent work has included innovations in multi-dimensional clustering and machine learning focused on the use of external data to explain customer behavior and unusual product demand movements.

Michael was the President, CEO, and a member of the Board of Cray Research. Prior to leading the turnaround at Cray, Michael was a VP of the IBM Company leading the Sell & Support Solutions Practice in IBM’s Global Services Division. Prior to joining IBM, Michael held executive positions at Control Data Corporation, where he applied supercomputing and numerical methods and solutions to both business and scientific issues. His work led to his role in the UN’s World Weather Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Michael has served on the Board at Decision Intelligence, Avaki, and Revolution Computing.

Michael holds BS and MS degrees in Marketing from Florida Atlantic University and a PHD from Walden University (Minneapolis, MN) in Operations Research.  He holds a U.S. Patent in “Efficient Customer Contact Strategies” and has published work in journals detailing the application of mathematical methods in efficient customer treatments and improvements to optimize supply chains in the service of those customers.  His paper introducing the longitudinal marketing strategy appears in “Industrial Applications in Operations Research” (MacMillan & Press).

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